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Moisture Migration Control in Bread

Moisture levels in bread are critical to maintain freshness, control microbial growth and modulate mouth-feel and texture. In the world of baked breads, having multiple textures in a single product is highly desirable and provides cues of freshly baked. How might we deliver an artisan quality, convenient consumer experience where bread has a soft interior and crunchy-crust exterior of “just baked” bread without the hassle of re-baking or “refreshing” it? Share your innovative moisture migration idea — we’re interested.

Titanium Dioxide-Free Whitening Solutions in Foods

We know better food products come from using ingredients from natural sources. With this challenge, we are looking for ideas for natural alternatives for whitening solutions in foods. Are there effective alternative natural sources to titanium dioxide? What technologies and/or ingredients could be used to get the same whitening effect as titanium dioxide?

Legume and Pulse Dehulling Challenge

Legumes and pulses (such as dry beans, lentils, cowpeas, pigeon peas, etc.) are grown and harvested in hulls that contain pigments. Removing these pigmented hulls is critical for production of cleaner flours. What are some effective and efficient dehulling methods/techniques that will remove >98% of the hull from these legumes and pulses of varying shapes and sizes?

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