Innovate with Campbell

We are focused on continuing to meet the changing needs of our customers, our community and the global marketplace. That’s why we created the Ideas for Innovation ecosystem, as a forum where our consumers, partners and the global innovation community can collaborate and ideate. Below you’ll find information on the idea submission process and the types of ideas we are currently seeking.

To get started click on the Register link below, then go to Submit an Idea to share your idea.

The Idea Process


Click on the Register Now icons to create a username and password that you'll use when you return to the site. All of the registration fields are required, or if you choose you can skip registration and sign in with your Facebook or Twitter credentials. After registering you’ll receive a confirmation email.

Accept Terms

Before you can submit an idea, we ask that you read and review our Terms and Conditions. These have been created to ensure that the process offers mutual protection to both you and Campbell. You will not be able to submit your idea until you check the "I agree" checkbox.

Share Your Idea

You'll go through a series of questions to help us understand the nature of your idea. This process does not allow you to input any confidential information about your idea, which protects you and Campbell Soup Company from any future misunderstandings regarding ownership of your idea.

Submit Your Idea

Once you’ve completed the questions, click on Submit. After we’ve received your idea, you will receive a confirmation email and the review process will begin.


Your idea will be routed to the appropriate person in the Campbell team for further review. This review process typically takes a few weeks. Then you'll receive another email that will let you know the outcome of the initial review and any next steps. Potential outcomes could include, but are not limited to, acknowledgement of your idea, a partnership to further develop your idea, or a business relationship with Campbell.

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